Even though I got the photography bug from my dad at an early age it remained dormant for a long time. The fire rekindled when I got my first digital camera and was able to easily take pictures everywhere and see them instantaneously. I quickly moved on from the little point and shoot to the first affordable digital SLR. Miscellaneous lenses followed and before I knew it the hobby had grown.

Remembering the early magic with my dad in the dark room I also added an analog camera and started to move to prime lenses instead of zoom because of their ease of use in dark situations. So now I had all the tools and was happy with the results I got with them but pretty soon they just took very good looking family pics. Time to work on the more important side of photography, the picture. I ended up taking a photography class at the Muzerie in Zwolle. Even though I had quite some experience I started with the basic course. And this was the right choice, I got introduced to different historic masters of the trade, learned the fundamentals of color and composition and got to see the work of the other students. All in all a very inspiring experience.

I still do take the family pics but also go out to make some interesting pictures. Be it outside with available light, with people, abstract, architecture or inside with a lighting set up total control. On this blog and gallery you will find a wide range of image that made me stop, look and press the shutter release.

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