Cup Cake

When inspiration strikes you have to savor it and make the most of it. So when the other night I got an idea when I saw my daughter eat a cupcake, I had to act on it. The inspiration was a simple play on words which formed as an image in my head and with a clear idea of how to implement it. The image was of a cupcake on a saucer with an ear like  a cup.

Milk can for Cup Cake shot

The milk can used for the ear and the saucer

I needed three props for this, the cupcake, a cup with an ear and a saucer. I was not able to find a white cup but did find a white milk can that I thought would work just fine. It needed to be a little subtle so I imagined the ear being to the right and back of the cake and in partial shadow so it was not blatantly obvious. Lighting the cake took some experimenting,

The cupcake used for the Cup Cake shot

The cupcake used for the Cup Cake shot

I wanted the folds in the paper cup be clear but the frosting also needed some depth. After some attempts with soft boxes I ended up using one snooted light, high from the left. Not only did this give a nice light on the cake but it also left the background black making a nice contrast with the white frosting.

Since there was a big scale difference between the can and the cake I shot the former with my 50mm lens and the latter with my 100mm macro, without changing the camera position. The two shots to be merged are shown above.

The result came pretty close to what I had envisioned, so I am mainly happy. I only wish I had taken one more shot of the can with the ear in better focus, I thought it would be OK since it’s in the back and it would be natural for it to be out of DOF but on the print it looks a bit unnatural. We can only learn by doing, right?

The resulting image

When I showed it to my daughter she had to laugh, and said ‘LOL’, when I showed it to my wife she immediately saw it on a birthday card, I had not thought about that yet, but maybe I do need to add it to my Caf√©Press or my wife’s Zazzle site.

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