Printing Art

Printing art

Now that I have my ‘new’ printer (it’s the exact same typeas I had in the Netherlands) and live on the same continent as my wife it’s time to start printing some of her art to see if this is a good and economical way compared to ordering prints from online services. This will take some testing and trials. What paper works best? What setting work best? Would it be possible to print on canvas?

Test of four different paper types

First things first, got to get some paper. I had a specialty online supplier in the Netherlands which sold photo paper cheap and with great service. I was not able to find anything like that in the States yet, so I just got some paper from B&H, there prices were good and I had good experiences buying from them in the past. I got some glossy, and matte paper and the printer came with luster so that covered the most common paper types. All these were Epson. It was a bit getting used to the US sizes, I was used to just getting A2 paper and cut it to the size I needed, it was the cheapest way per cm2. But now I could also choose 17×22 inches and that actually works better with a 3:2 framing.

I also noticed that Epson now sells canvas sheets, but these are pretty expensive for if you just want to try it. I decided to get a roll of the same type and fudge around with it a bit since the 3880 does not support rolls. If that works I’ll get the sheets next. Problem 1, the printer driver has no choice for the canvas, where could I get a profile without making one myself? Epson got me covered. Time to learn how to install a profile. Easy as right click on the file and choose Install profile. Epson could have given it a better name though, at first I thought it was not installed or not available in PhotoShop, but I was just not expecting it to be called SP3880 ECM MK v1 in the drop down list.

That was the software side, now on to the hardware side. I read some things of people adding leader paper but I wanted to try it first without. I cut a 8.5″ strip from the roll and pre-fed it into the normal feed which went pretty easy. The only problem was that when I clicked print the driver told me the chosen type of medium could not be fed through that feed and to use the manual front or back feed. I never used those but luckily knew exactly where the rear attachment was. I kept getting feed errors though, so I attempted the front feed. Not only does this use way more paper but there I really had no clue what to do, the canvas just went through the printer with no resistance. Back to the rear, after dozens of attempts I applied some more pressure and that did the trick. Pretty exciting to see it go through the printer just fine and getting printed on. Now all the different prints are drying, tomorrow we will take a look at them and rate them.

To be continued.

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