Next to Banning

Last weekend was the opening of the ZomerExpo 2011. The invitation stated there would only be place for the artist and one guest, I went with my sister Gerda. I had planned to spend the day in The Hague but due to other errands I made it to the museum just in time, Gerda was already waiting for me. She had enjoyed the sun and chatted with another artist from Zwolle.

The hall where they did the opening speeches was filled to capacity.  The director of the museum talked about the honor to host the exhibition and the uncertainties and challenges they had to work with in comparison with regular exhibitions. After two more speakers from the organizers we were allowed to go into the the exhibition halls. We were sitting close to the front so we were close to last to leave and last to get to the stairs that led up to the exhibition. One big bottleneck, it looked like it would take forever to get inside. We luckily found a shortcut through another exhibition and even though we would not follow the intended order at least we got to look at art instead of people’s backs.

I had browsed the web gallery for the exhibition before, but seeing it all in real live was much better, some works just don’t work as a tiny photo on a computer screen. For my sister it was all new and fresh. We were both impressed by the quality of most of the works. And liked the way everything was displayed except for some high hanging photos with shiny coverings, the reflections on these made some hard to see. It was pretty busy and because I was planning to go again with Debbie and Alice on some later date I did not look closely at everything, I was hunting for my own photo. But I could not find it, I was wondering if I had missed it when we entered the last hall, but there it was, in the corner, right next to a photo by Jan Banning, a famous Dutch photographer.

Quite a prominent spot, we saw it last but people taking the normal route will see it first. And people were looking at it, it’s one of the smaller works and you do have to get close up to it to see all the details and people were actually doing that. Very much fun to just hang around and listen to the things people said about it. Here I also met the artist Gerda chatted with while she was waiting for me, turned out his work hung in the same room. He mentioned he recognized my work from an article in a national paper, which peaked my interest because I was not aware it was shown in a paper. He was going to look for it when he got home, so I gave him one of my business cards, first time I handed one to a stranger. A few days later he mailed me he and his wife must have mixed up the TV coverage with the paper article. Ah well, that was already enough coverage anyway. Now all that is left is wait for the results of the prizes linked to the exhibition. Surprise was that the first prize will be awarded with a vote from the visitors. I do not know if the voting was only held during the opening, so if you go (show end on August 21st 2011,)  and if you like art I highly recommend it, you can maybe vote for my work (#5350)

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