Dry Roses

For the monthly assignment of the flickr group De Doka I came up with the theme: Drought. Given the weather I thought there would be plenty of opportunities to capture a photo with the theme. And for a conceptual theme it got a nice amount of varying entries. But I could not really get going on a photo myself. I have been enamored by photos of people floating under water lately.  And since Alice’s camera can take pictures under water I wanted to try something like it. Only problem was to link water and drought, they are only opposites. Luckily we still had some dried up roses in the shed so I went to work with those. First problem was that these roses were much lighter than water so they desperately wanted to float and not stay under water. Composing the shots was a bit difficult, holding the roses in position with one hand and shooting the photo with the other hand since a tripod would not fit in the box I had filled with water. But with some trial and error I got some shots that looked decent on the back of the camera. Once I brought them up on my computer screen they no longer looked so nice though, the problem was the light. With flash they looked flat and without flash the exposure time was so long all the waves would be blurred out. Time to add some lights. A simple clamp on light with an simple bulb did the trick. The two best results are in this post, I like them but I am not too sure the dryness is coming through though. I will definitely want to try this again in the future but then I want to shoot in a glass container so I can use a better camera, lens and lights.

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