Cup Cake

When inspiration strikes you have to savor it and make the most of it. So when the other night I got an idea when I saw my daughter eat a cupcake, I had to act on it. The inspiration was a simple play on words which formed as an image in my head and with a clear idea of how to implement it. The image was of a cupcake on a saucer with an ear like  a cup. Continue reading

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Printing Art

Printing art

Now that I have my ‘new’ printer (it’s the exact same typeas I had in the Netherlands) and live on the same continent as my wife it’s time to start printing some of her art to see if this is a good and economical way compared to ordering prints from online services. This will take some testing and trials. What paper works best? What setting work best? Would it be possible to print on canvas?

Test of four different paper types

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ND Filter test

Set up

I just got some strobes and started playing with them. When I bought them there was a choice between 250 and 500 Ws, and because they were not that much more expensive I opted for the more powerful ones. They will be more versatile in portrait shoots and the like but in the first projects I tried with them, some table top photography, they turned out to be too powerful. Easy solution was to get some ND filters which would also be handy for other projects. I was tempted by the variable ND filters but opted for a cheaper solution by getting a set of Stealth Gear ND filters and holders. I had never heard of the company and could find little about them on the ‘net but they are compatible with Cokin’s P-Series filters so I can also get those in the future. And really, how bad could a set of ND filters be? Continue reading

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Next to Banning

Last weekend was the opening of the ZomerExpo 2011. The invitation stated there would only be place for the artist and one guest, I went with my sister Gerda. I had planned to spend the day in The Hague but due to other errands I made it to the museum just in time, Gerda was already waiting for me. Continue reading

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Dry Roses

For the monthly assignment of the flickr group De Doka I came up with the theme: Drought. Given the weather I thought there would be plenty of opportunities to capture a photo with the theme. And for a conceptual theme it got a nice amount of varying entries. But I could not really get going on a photo myself. Continue reading

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First paid gig

This evening I brought some photos to my neighbor so she can take them to choir rehearsal and show them to all the singers and the conductor.  I had shot them last Saturday during three of their  performances and when I handed them to her she surprised me with the question if I had kept track of my expenses. Continue reading

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While I write this my fellow countrymen will be silent for two minutes, cars will stop on the freeways, trains will stop on their tracks, all radio and TV stations will be silent. During these two minutes on May 4th we remember our victims of war. During these minutes I mainly think of the granddad I never knew. Continue reading

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ZomerExpo 2011

Zomer expo line of artists

Artists with their works waiting to go into the first phase of the selection

Debbie’s art collective Palet sent her a few invitations to different competitions and open exhibitions here in the Netherlands. We thought this would be a great way to get some exposure. So, we entered three of her painting to the ZomerExpo 2011, an exhibition of 250 works from Dutch artists chosen from over 4000 entries. Continue reading

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No winner

Just got a mail that my photo was not chosen to be one of the three to be shown with the WPP exhibition. A little dissapointing, but they will also show all the entrants on a monitor or screen, so I will still be part of the show.

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Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Sketch for original ideaThis year the Muzerie is holding a photo competition for people in Overijssel with the theme: Earth, Air, Water, Fire. The competition was kicked off with an interesting lecture by Paul Levitton. The parameters of the competition were pretty loose, you had to live, work or study in Overijssel, make a photo matching the theme and only minimal post processing was allowed. Continue reading

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