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Sizes and Prices

Unique Services

  • Custom Photo Shop Work: here at Debbie Beukema Artworks, we are able to do custom photo shop work – from little tweaks to your source photo to the creation of an entire image from many photos that you’d like to have put together.
  • Mock Ups of Any Size on Your Wall: Not sure what size to order? Choose any of the sizes below to see and email me your wall and the wall dimensions. I’ll make you mock ups so you can see the painting before its made. You can choose the perfect dimension.
  • View of the Entire Process: my clients delight in watching the progression of their commission from first draft to finished coat of color. I provide email updated photos of the entire process.
  • Choice of Stretched Canvas or Framed and Matted Flat Canvas: Some clients prefer a traditional stretched canvas. Others prefer the commission to be ready to hang on delivery. I am happy to offer paintings on professional grade flat canvas, which I then mat and frame at no extra cost. Note: I recommend that if you choose stretched canvas that you frame it once you receive the work. You’ve made a wonderful investment and the frame will not only add to the beauty but will help provide protection.
  • Products with Your Commissioned Image: We take high resolution photos of every work painted.  If you find would like to use your special image on mugs, cards or a wide variety of other items – we can provide that service to you cheaper than any printer out there. For example,  clients have used this service to commission a special work and have that image used for their business on cards or promotional items. Others have used this service to send the original work to one owner and have prints sent to other family members.
  • Insured Shipping from My Studio to the Location of your choice: My shipping charges are at cost or slightly lower for Priority Tracking and Insured. Shipping Costs not included.
  • Free Giftwrapping and Card on Request



Commission Prices:

I am happy to work in custom sizes, large and small. Below is my price list for general size ranges. Other sizes not specifically listed will be discussed in consultation.


Smaller piece prices. In your choice of flat canvas, matted and framed inclusive- or premier stretched canvas.

  • image size 6″x8″  mat size: 8.5″ x11.5″   –  Base price $325
  • image size 8″x11″  mat size: 11.5″ x 16″  –  Base price  $400
  • image size 11″x14″  mat size: 16″x20″     –  Base price $475


Prices for Medium Work (all of these sizes are available premier stretched canvas only):

  • Base Price for 15″ x 15″ – $550
  • Base Price for 16″ x 20″ – $600
  • Base Price for 20″ x 20″ – $750
  • Base Price for 20″ x 24″ – $820
  • Base Price for 24″ x 18″ – $900


Prices for Large Work (all of these sizes are available premier stretched canvas only):

  • Base Price for 24″ x 24″ – $1080
  • Base Price for 30″ x 24″ – $1260
  • Base Price for  24″ x 36″ – $1375
  • Base Price for 30″ x 30″ – $1440
  • Base Price for 30″ x 40″ – $1620


Don’t see a size here that you want or need a really uniquely sized piece? We can do that , too!


Difficulty Add-on Costs:

  • 2 subjects –  plus $75
  • 3 subjects – plus $ 150
  • 4 subjects – plus $225
  • overall entire painting difficulty harder than + 4 subjects – base price x 25%


Deadline Work:

  • needs to be completed and sent within 3 weeks – if it’s possiblebase price x 25%


Shipping is not included in the above prices and depends on the size of the piece. The usual range is from $15 to $50. Special Shipping Charges will apply to pieces over 36″x 48″