Posted by Debbie Beukema

Paintings Gallery



Kathy’s Bird 1 and 2, commissioned diptych, 2012, SOLD





BloOrp!, 2010, SOLD










Birds on a Wire, 2010, SOLD










Best Friends, 2010, SOLD













Blue on His Stick, 2010, SOLD












Birds on the Beach, Commission, 2011, SOLD











Greenie, 2010, SOLD













Honk!, 2010, SOLD











Honk 2 Electric Boogaloo, Commission, 2011, SOLD










Original Honks, 2009, SOLD











Wren, Commission, 2009, SOLD











Dearest (Liefde), 2010, SOLD











Love You, 2010, SOLD











The Kiss, 2010, Gift from the artist to her best friend : )










Geese, Commission, 2011, SOLD













Goosey, 2011, SOLD










Laughing Geese, Commission, 2011, SOLD












Piet & Marina, 2009, Gift from the artist to her parents-in-laws : )














Cross Town Traffic, 2011, SOLD

Winner 1st Place Angel Art Magazine UK Farm Animals












Hamster & Cat, 2011, SOLD










Behind the Hedge, 2010, SOLD













Kitties, Commission, 2011, SOLD













Meagan The Terrier, Commission, 2011, SOLD













Mojo, Commission, 2010, SOLD












Sparkles Lipinski, 2011, SOLD










Ragdolls, Commission, 2011, SOLD












Sweet Guinea, 2010, SOLD












Sabor, Commission 2012, SOLD













Squirrel Nut , 2010, Available, see this link to purchase















Donkey, 2011, SOLD










Lunacy of Cattle Dogs, Commission, 2012, SOLD

Left is the painting and right is the source photo (which was made out of combining via photoshop 2 of my client’s photos)






Myrthe’s Babies, Commission, 2011, SOLD
















Clown Fish, 2011, Available see link to purchase








Landscape, Flowers, and Architecture





The Red Mill, Commission, 2012, SOLD












Blue Daisies, 2010, SOLD














Buzzing, 2011, SOLD














Kate’s Flowers, 2010, Gift to my friend

















Lotus Bud, 2010 , Gift from the artist to a friend













The Red Barn, 2012, SOLD










Bluebonnets, Commission, 2011, SOLD











Countryside, Commission, 2011, SOLD










The Orange Boat, 2010, Gift of the artist to her sister















Blue Eyed Crow, IN PROGRESS, to inquire about reserving for purchase please contact:











Looking Glass, 1991, Available, to purchase please go to this link














Liz, 1989, Collection of the artist











Self Portrait Inna Hat, 2010, collection of the artist















Self Portrait 2008, SOLD













Self Portrait 2007, Collection of the artist












On The Beach, 2012, SOLD








Old Dutch, 2010, Live Model Painting with a pic of the model in his pose.




Bugs and Insects






Happypillar, 2011, SOLD











Butterfly, Commission, 2011, SOLD











Snugbug, 2011, SOLD