12 Mar 2012

Updated Doggy Painting, A Nice Kittay Custom Digital, and Other News

Posted by Debbie Beukema

Been working on the commission a Lunacy of Cattledogs. I’m almost there. Probably about 2 more sessions, the first of which I hope to get to by Wednesday. I worked on all the dogs, bringing them up to about 75% done. Next I’ll work on the ground, and when that’s done, I finish with detail work.

Also had a commission for a Custom Digital of a very lovely kittay. it’s not designed onto any items yet.

And in other news: Sold the Red Barn. Will also be working on color two of the Red Barn this week. (Yes, another painting sold before it’s finished. Cause that’s the was we roll here at DBArtworks.) And I start 2 commission in the next 2 weeks. Both very large.

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