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26 Apr 2012

Newly Finished Pic: The Red Barn

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In the Studio and straight on in a very non professional shot : )

25 Mar 2012

I’m a Weiner!!!

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HOLY CARPE DIEM! I had entered another contest, a juried contest of with the theme Farms and Farmyard Animals. Cross Town Traffic WON FIRST PLACE!!!!! I think I’m gonna faint.

anywhoo, let’s celebrate with 25% off if you want a piece of the award winning action. code SJHLRS

There is supposed to be an article about it at some point, so I’ll post the pertinent info when I have it.

UPDATE: Here’s the article: Link to AngelArts Magazine


25 Mar 2012

Color Two of The Red Barn

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having a blast carving out the surface plane, adjusting color, and controlling value. Painting is half analytical and half going with the flow. Then tomorrow I begin the underpaintings on a couple new commissions and finish a custom digital. Full and fun.

22 Mar 2012

Lunacy of Cattledogs is Finished! Woo Hoo!

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19 Mar 2012

Commission Scheduling Update

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Quick Update: I’m closing my schedule for commissions (except for the Custom Digitals) until May. Just took on two new ones and I am just too full up. If you would like to get in on space in May, feel free to contact me. All my consultations are always free.

12 Mar 2012

Finally on Ebay!

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OK. Finally on Ebay. Prices start at 99 cents. If you feel like it, check it out and let me know if I basically listed stuff right. I have a feeling that spazzing may have occurred.


12 Mar 2012

Updated Doggy Painting, A Nice Kittay Custom Digital, and Other News

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Been working on the commission a Lunacy of Cattledogs. I’m almost there. Probably about 2 more sessions, the first of which I hope to get to by Wednesday. I worked on all the dogs, bringing them up to about 75% done. Next I’ll work on the ground, and when that’s done, I finish with detail work.

Also had a commission for a Custom Digital of a very lovely kittay. it’s not designed onto any items yet.

And in other news: Sold the Red Barn. Will also be working on color two of the Red Barn this week. (Yes, another painting sold before it’s finished. Cause that’s the was we roll here at DBArtworks.) And I start 2 commission in the next 2 weeks. Both very large.

23 Feb 2012

Sorry it’s been So Long… Mostly on Facebook

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Sorry sorry but I mostly post on Facebook and forget about my lonely ole blog.

Finished the birds:

and I’m working on a lot of new paintings. all the following are in progress. If you want to see photo galleries of these pieces in progress, come on over to my Artworks page on facebook.










26 Jan 2012

Current Projects

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working on three current commissions

Bird One Source Photo

And here’s my painting thus far… I believe I have 1 to 2 more sessions till it’s done

Here’s the source from bird number 2 (they are commissioned by the same person and will go together)

And here is the painting in progress. Again, I think one to tow more sessions

And lastly a commissioned portrait of Sabor the Kitty. Here’s the source photo

And here is the painting in progress. When doing a portrait, you have got to NAIL the likeness and I think I did : )

If you would like to see these paintings from start to finish, head on over to my Facebook page and click on their respective photo albums. And don’t forget to like my page!

8 Jan 2012

Ouch… My Brain Hurts

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Cause I’m working on a crazy hard painting : “Bridge”

Here is Color Layer 5, in which I’ve just painted the millions of struts of the side bridges.

If you want to see all the stages from start to finish, come on over to my Facebook Artworks page.This work is for sale. 18×24″ oil on stretched canvas, In Progress, Available $700, $350 to secure it and the the second $350 when I’m done and ready to ship. Add $50 for insured shipping costs. Email me at debbie@beukema-art.com for more information